Friday, 9 September 2011

Flying saucers

Somethings just don't change much lol

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Doonhamer nostalgia.............

Close to the Academy where I went to school, there was a cafe called The Doonhamer - doonhamer being a coloquial term for someone from Dumfries. They served wonderful ice-cream drinks - Coke, lemonade, cream soda, limeade, Vimto, with a big scoop of vanilla icecream in. I had a sudden craving for one today, and it went totally against the grain, but we shot out for Coke (never have it in the house) and cheap, bought vanilla ice cream. You can see the result above ! lol Was absolutely wonderful, and the taste brought back all sorts of memories.
Tehre were two cafes close by the school - the aforementioned Doonhamer, very much a homely caff, chips, drinks, filled rolls, etc. The other was the coffee shop at the wonderful 'Opus', now sadly closed; the trendies at school went there for black coffee in hand thrown pottery mugs and cheap cigarettes, posh salads and nice cakes, but more expensive than the Doonhamer. I divided my time between the two, being me, but have very fond memories of both.
Ah............  lovely!

Just found a link to the Donnhamer, now a trendy bistro type place, seemingly  ;( Ah well, the march of change and all that!